DAY OF THE DEAD MARCH - Sunday 12th Dec - Noon

To prepare for the Day of the Dead march, do these simple, fun things!

1 - Day of the Dead Headstone

Make a headstone from cardboard, it's really easy, here's an example:
Be as creative as you want with the words! 
Think about the future things that could affects us like fires, floods, famine, air pollution, extreme weather.

2 - Make a Day of the Dead mask!

1)  Download template:
2)  Print the mask on A4 portrait
4)  Colour in as you wish!
5)  Cut eye and mouth holes
6)  Put some tape on the edges and make two pins holes to insert string (see picture above)

3 - Dress in black

On the day, dress in black or dark colours.

Don't worry if you haven't got time to do all this, just do what you can :)