Green Industrial Revolution?  Greenwash more like!

Local climate champions Extinction Rebellion Winchester today slammed Boris Johnson’s 10-point Green Industrial Revolution as inadequate greenwash.  Activist, Mike Nell, said “This is too little too late for a government that is failing to meet the modest targets it signed up to in the Paris climate accord”.

In 2016 the U.K. signed the Paris climate accord along with 190 other countries pledging to keep global temperature rise beneath 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Mike commented “The U.K. is failing to make adequate progress to achieve this target which is anyway internationally accepted as only a bare minimum to prevent massive loss of species and ecosystems. Every half a degree makes a huge difference. Island nations are already disappearing under the waves, how many more is a reasonable price to pay for our carbon profligate lifestyles?”  Mike continued “The Government’s 10-point plan and recent commitment to a 68% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 make good headlines but the true test of governments is to judge their actions, not their words. As Caroline Lucas said of the plan “This is a shopping list, not a plan to address the climate emergency, and it commits only a fraction of the necessary resources.” Indeed only £4bn in the plan is new money. In contrast, £27bn has been committed to road building and £100bn to HS2, both of which will increase our carbon footprint.

Instead of a shopping list, we draw people’s attention to the Climate and Ecological Emergency bill.  The CEE bill is written by eminent scientists, lawyers, campaigners and academics. Currently a Private Member’s Bill, as was the Climate Change Act 2008, it now has the support of over 80 MPs.

The CEE bill would commit the government to no more than a 1.5c temperature increase, a difference that would reduce the risks of an ecological collapse and the risks associated with increasing floods, heatwaves, and water shortages. The CEE bill creates a roadmap for the government with clear responsibilities for the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State. The bill would enhance our democratic process by creating a Citizens Assembly to ensure that solutions are reached with consensus.

In conclusion, Mike said “We encourage individuals to lobby their MP to support the CEE bill for the sake of the planet.”

To judge for yourself look at the CEE Bill - CEEbill.UK.