Tell WCC to stop killing bees!

Recently Winchester City Council has been demonstrating a commitment to increasing biodiversity with new wildflower areas and less mowing but their routine use of weed killers like Glyphosate is undermining these efforts.

Glyphosate destroys habitats and has been linked to the death of bees.  It weakens their gut bacteria making them more susceptible to disease leading to a higher bee mortality rate.  Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem because of their primary mission, which is pollination.  This action allows plants to reproduce.  Bees are among the most effective pollinating insects alongside wasps and butterflies.  They are vital to pollinate the plants that produce the food that we eat to survive.

Please sign our petition - tell Winchester City Council to stop using weed killers and switch to other weed control methods, click here:

If enough of us speak up we could make a real difference to biodiversity in Winchester.